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Contemporary Financial and Trading Photographs

Friedman Fine Art represents both the most comprehensive collection of historic Chicago photos available and a growing selection of some of the outstanding contemporary Chicago photographs in the best-quality large format size. Additionally, our firm has an unequaled selection of contemporary financial photographs of superior quality.

Photographs are available for purchase – call or email to inquire about pricing.

Some examples of the Chicago images in the collection are illustrated below.

More than 400 highly skilled professional photographers from all over the world provide Friedman Fine Art with vivid, detailed Chicago photos, including some of the best contemporary financial photographs available from Chicago and elsewhere. These beautiful images are shot using large format cameras, so these Chicago photos keep their extremely high resolution and clarity even when blown up into enlargements. An observer can inspect an oversized print of close up and view precise details and vibrant colors in any of these contemporary financial photographs without any graininess or loss of tone.

Stunning panoramic and aerial shots of exchanges around the world and financial institutions worldwide, make Friedman Fine Art’s Chicago photos and contemporary financial photographs some of the highest-quality, most detailed and vivid contemporary financial photographs available on the market today. Interior and exterior shots of financial institutions around the world, location shots of financial districts such as Wall Street, photos of trading floors and financial institution employees, photos of currencies and other financially related imagery are all available in the highest quality.

Chicago is home to many major exchanges and financial institutions and is a key center of international finance and trading. For example, the Chicago Board of Trade, created in 1848, is the oldest futures and options exchange in the world (the CBT merged with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 2007 and both are referred to as the CME Group). The collection also includes old Chicago photos of Chicago Board of Trade as well as the Chicago Stock Exchange, the Chicago Stock Market, the Chicago Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street.

This most comprehensive and wide-ranging collection of contemporary financial photographs and Chicago photos currently available is offered exclusively by Friedman Fine Art. Images include photographs of Chicago Board of Trade, the US Treasury, the Chicago Federal Reserve, the Chicago Stock Exchange, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange and employees of various exchanges. Financially related imagery such as photos of currencies, money locks and stock market pages is also available.

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